Gabbi + Tempest

Gabbi-tempest is a Tempest plugin that enables testing the APIs of running OpenStack services, integrated with tempest but without needing to write Python. Instead the YAML format provided by gabbi is used to write and evaluate HTTP requests and responses.

Tests are placed in YAML files in one or more directories. Those directories are added to a GABBI_TEMPEST_PATH environment variable. When that variable is passed into a tempest test runner that is aware of the gabbi plugin, the files on that path will be used to create tempests tests.

The test harness sets a series of enviornment variables that can be used in the YAML to reach the available services. The available variables may be extended in two ways:

  • Adding them to the environment that calls tempest if the values are known.
  • Setting them in a subclass of the plugin if the values need to be calculated from what tempest knows.

For each service in the service catalog there are <SERVICE_TYPE>_SERVICE and <SERVICE_TYPE>_BASE variables (e.g., PLACEMENT_SERVICE and PLACEMENT_BASE). A useful SERVICE_TOKEN, IMAGE_REF, FLAVOR_REF and FLAVOR_REF_ALT are also available.

For the time being the SERVICE_TOKEN is admin.

gabbi-tempest can be used with Using With Zuul.

Trying It

To experiment with this you need a working tempest installation and configuration. One way to do that is to use devstack with the following added to the local.conf:

enable_service tempest

in local.conf.

Once tempest is confirmed to be working, gabbi-tempest must be installed. Either install it from PyPI:

pip install gabbi-tempest

Or make a clone of this repo, cd into it, and do the equivalent of:

pip install -e .

If you are using virtualenvs or need sudo, your form will be different.

Create some gabbi tests that exercise the OpenStack services. There are sample files in the samples directory in the repo.

Go to the tempest directory (often /opt/stack/tempest) and run tempest as follows. Adding the regex will limit the test run to just gabbi related tests:

GABBI_TEMPEST_PATH=/path/one:/path/two tempest run --regex gabbi

This will run the tests described by the YAML files in /path/one and /path/two.


This code is based on the work of Mehdi Abaakouk who made a tempest plugin for gnocchi that worked with gabbi. He figured out the details of the plugin structure.